Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays is one of the mere closest things to the shotgun sports. There are several courses are also available; which are designed to stimulate the hunting of ducks, birds including the rabbits. There is no any specific set season and it can be shot at any time. Most of the hunters shoot the sporting clays in order to improve the wing shooting skills during the offseason. This is gradually shot in the squads of two to six people and played over a course of about ten to fifteen shooting stations which is laid around the fields including the natural features of the land. There is no any limitation on the target speed, angle or distance and hence each and every course is a unique one. Then coming to the factor of the safety; first, make sure that the gun is not loaded by opening the breech and at the same time look at the barrel to check for the hindrance. Usage of the proper ammo is the most important one and the shell what is used for shooting. It is not advisable to move off a station until the gun is open and safe.